The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens Cast and Crew Info

The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens Cast List- If you are NOT listed below, please know that this was not an easy decision, and I'm excited about how many newcomers we have to the theatre. DO NOT be discouraged if you were not chosen for a part this time. It is a small cast, and that makes it hard because there isn't a lot of room. I would love for you to come see me to 1) find out what you can do to continue to get better and 2) let me know you are still interested in being an extra in the play.

Character Name

Main Cast

Walter/Edward/Lt. James

Brennan McCormick

Allegra Blackwell-Worthington

Callie Wood

Tony Blackwell

Francesco Piccinin

Justine Worthington

Jordan Mableton

Debra Worthington

Lori Beasley

Beatrice Worthington

KayKay Thomas

Roy Phillips

Jackson Burkett

Connie Phillips

Aleah Handy

Peggy Sue Brumley

Lexie Thomas

Lawrence Tate

Jayson Brooks


Christian King

Mrs. Vickers

Tessa Bush


Reagan Thomas


Kenzie Robinson

If you were cast in a role for this show, congratulations! You will have a great time, and I'm excited to see the show. Please make sure you do the following:
1. Come and see me so that I know you are aware of your role. 
2. Bring 12.00 for your script (which you will write in and keep). 
3. Pick up (and then return) the actor's contract by Friday, September 7th. **
If you fail to do these things, I will assume you forfeit your role and will fill it with one of the other capable actors/actresses that auditioned. 
**I have added a tab where you can find the contract in case you don't have time to come and see me-or if you forget it.